"Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse."


On October 1969, the text 'lo' on a computer indicated the birth of the internet. 40 years of revolution today it has become part of our lives! A decade since, it has become the most abused medium to infect and spread to other networks, viruses have always been evolving becoming smarter, faster, smaller, we call this evasion evolution!

We in response have been building our arsenal with bigger and bigger, creating bubbles, tools, trying and still failing at it. we are failing due to the inherent nature of the game. we have always been chasing! this! today without rules and signatures we are blind and completely vulnerable.

Ransomware, viruses, worms, backdoors, insider threats, abuse and attacks compromising our machines and networks everyone of them can be centered around us the human beings being the weakest link. we change and break our own security and compliance for business continuity.

Check out the interactive timeline and [Evasion Evolution] to see how virus evolved to where we are today!

We solve these problems by changing the equation itself, looking at security as a process and not a patch. SHIELD is the next generation cyber defense platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continously learn assess and respond realtime.

Our AI works without the need for constant updates, signatures or rules to identify threats, it detects changes in behavior and intent to identify and mitigates threats at multiple levels with high efficiency and accuracy!

Evolution of Virus:


Checkout our whitepapers, guides, casestudies, etc., understand how threats and attacks have evolved overtime and how they are still managed the same. what needs to change, to evolve and adapt towards how to mitigate these threats today! learn how and what we are doing about it!