AuthBase is a deeptech cybersecurity company focused into research and development of autonomous solutions that augment security fabrics and deliver deep insights and actionable intelligence for prediction and response. we uses artificial intelligence i.e., machine learning and deep learning to identify and mitigate threats across networks, securing data and maintaining business continuity.


We are a team of passionate possibly gifted definitely crazy individuals who are challenging the status quo and changing how cybersecurity and artificial intelligence is build, used and perceived today! we foster ideas, ideals, individualism and leadership, and try finding easy, innovative solutions to complex problems to better address them, by building technologies! and having fun doing it! while maintaining the highest standards of design development and delivery.

Join us if you wish to do the same.


From building developer frameworks to creating deep-learning cybersecurity frameworks it has been an incredible journey! what started with software to help developers build and maintain secure applications quickly turned into frameworks with easy to integrate modules one such was bot mitigation platform that grew into all our products today!


Research and development, continuous development, building technology with real world, industrial data, we today have our own deep-learning cybersecurity framework, we used in building our cyber-defense platform SHIELD. learn monitor and mitigate threats across networks and the system gives you the cyber expert the ability to build and deploy behavior models across your enterprise with ease.


We write this down for posterity and a reminder as we realize having secured helped and scaled more than 50 companies along the way is to pay it forward. As our Solutions keep delivering high value, saving precious time and resources making sure business continuity is maintained, this has become our principle of business. In cyber we measure the same in the petabytes we saved.

We envision a world where AI used to enrich our intellectual curiosity and capacities and cybersecurity is easily understandable.


We are today a data first company! we see cyber security and data privacy as two sides of the same coin. with the cumulative experience of our leadership team over 100 years of business and technology building, we deliver this vision. we are always trying to derive the best outcome for you thru our technology. our team has demonstrable expertise in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and experience in technology building, providing advanced solutions to complex problems and in turning data into actionable insights!

We aim to bridge the gap in understanding of security its application and usage! it should be easy understandable despite its complexity! lets un-niche security! for the people, by the people, to the people, of the people, we the people.


Our goal is to keep evolving and delivering high value thru our solutions to solve problems faster, better! we hope to deliver valuable insights and allow cyber leaders to make informed decisions saving valuable resources and time. In today's cyber landscape nothing is more important than being being data aware and data driven our products help u do just that. make better decisions faster, secure.

This is AuthBase's mission!

We are a people first company! Ethics, Discipline and Honesty are our core beliefs and faculty. we are challenge the individual to be his best and part of the family! We expect no less or more than we expect from ourselves with perks and benefits at par with the top in the industry! we go above and beyond for the individuals. if you are passionate enough! and geeky enough! Reach out to us!

We celebrate research and innovation, champion professionals and organizations passionate in research cybersecurity and data privacy, reach out to us for support!


Facing an incident or having an emergency, talk to our experts! Reach out to our cyber incident response team and our virtual CISO program for support and advisory! As part of our COVID19 Initiative we helped multiple companies recover from cyber attacks and business disruptions reachout to us to know more!

We are bridging our customer, corporate and startup networks to help those who have lost their jobs due to covid. click here to know what we are doing and how you can help!




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Autonomous AI | Advanced Threat Protection | Next Generation Antivirus | Next Generation Firewall | Next Generation File System | Intrusion Detection | Data Loss Prevention | Data Security | Anomaly Detection | Vulnerability Management | Threat Prevention | Application Security | Zero Day Protection | Insider Threat Detection | Network Detection and Response | Extended detection and Response | Predict Threat Vectors | Mitigate Threat Actors | BOT Mitigation | Threat Prediction | Advanced Email Protection | Unauthorized Sharing - Access | IP Protection | Application Data Security | Secure work from home | Secure Remote Operations | Data Privacy | Compliance | DPIA | PII | GDPR | NIST | PDP | Crown Jewels Detection | Root Cause Analysis | Secure Access | Edge AI | Threat Intelligence | AdaptiveSIEM | SOC Tools and APIs |



COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives with great many activities moving online. This increased volume of online activity created unparalleled opportunities for cyber criminals causing an increased risk of malicious activity. Find our best practices to secure and prepare for incidents.


Our observations on the 2020 Rankings of the threat listings.

Injection | Broken Authentication | Sensitive Data Exposure | XML External Entities (XXE) | Broken Access control | Security misconfigurations | Cross Site Scripting (XSS) | Insecure Deserialization | Using Components with known vulnerabilities | Insufficient logging and monitoring

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability are foundations of cybersecurity they serve as guiding principles for information security for organizations and individuals alike know how they are challenged today!



know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles!

Sun Tzu, Art of War.


"Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse." - Sophocles.

October 29th 1969, marks the most important invention in human history. We celebrate this day as World Internet Day! to remember that while internet may not have been possible without a million other monumental inventions that came before it, it’s hard to find any other invention that has had such a monumental impact on mankind.

Today! Our Freedom and choice are at risk with the move to repeal the net neutrality act, this order will give internet service providers the ability to block, throttle traffic to, or provide a fast line to any site or service they want. Its 2021, the fight is still going. Visit EFF.ORG to learn the current status of net neutrality, and how and why you should help preserve it.


AuthBase wins the DSCI Excellence awards for the MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT of the year at the Annual Information Security Summit.

Activities and Associations:

Over 25 Global National, International Awards and Recognitions.

AuthBase is challenging the status quo by using artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate threats across networks, securing data and business continuity!

Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia - Economic Times | Winners - Most Innovative Product Startup AISS/DSCI | Winners - Best Deep Tech Software Product HYSEA Innovation Summit | Winners - NextBIGIdea India Canada ZoneStartups | Winners - TiECON Silicon Valley | Microsoft - Most Valuable Professionals | CBInsights - Top 80 AI Cybersecurity Startups | DSCI Annual Information Security Summit - Innovation Box Startup | Winners - NASSCOM Innotrek Silicon Valley | Showcase - Disrupt SF TechCrunch | Top 10 Startups - NASSCOM Product Conclave | Winners - HOT100 Technology Awards | Showcase - NASSCOM Technology Leadership Forum | Speaker - DSCI Best Practices - Cognitive Security | Recommended - Work From Home Security Product by Government of India | Showcase - GISEC Security Summit | Showcase - NASSCOM Product Conclave | Showcase - CeBIT Germany | Google for Entrepreneurs Startup | Microsoft Bizspark Plus Startup | Mentors and Sponsors - IIITH Megathon Hackathons | Showcase - Startup Europe Ole! | Sponsors, Mentors - Techstars Startup Weekend | Keynote Speaker - Startup Grind World Entrepreneurs Day | Top Six - Get in the Ring | Speaker - HYSEA Design Summit | HYSEA Startup Showcase | Saastr | Global Entrepreneur Summit | TIE Member Startup | NASSCOM 10000 Startup | Reliance Gennext Accelerated Startup | PwC | IIITH Deeptech Startup | T-Hub Incubated Startup.


An effort has been made to make technology, jargon and language simple and easily understandable by everyone not just cyber or AI enthusiasts reach out to us if u wish for a deeper dive into what we do or suggestions or wanna give our web team kudos for their effforts! Come say hello! Remember a startup is always a work in progress. thank you!

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USA: AuthBase, 8 W Ayre St, Suite 354651,
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